About Us

Meet the Founder:

Nataliia Telepchuk

Founded in 2016 by Nataliia, Sugaring Beauty Club quickly became the name brand for authentic Brazilian wax & full body sugaring procedures and skincare treatments in Wheeling, IL. We specialize in hair removal for both men and women, utilizing sugaring techniques carefully crafted with only natural ingredients. After completing my education and training, I obtained any necessary certifications that required me to practice body sugaring professionally. This step ensured that I met the industry standards and allowed me to provide services to my clients confidently.

Before breaking into the industry, I made sure that she went through intensified training courses to become an industry leader in my field. My desire to be the best prompted me to pursue becoming a Licensed Doctorate of Massages degree and take various online and in-person training courses with American educators for over 4 years I achieved becoming an expert in my field. I believe in natural treatments for the body that bring therapeutic benefits not only to the body but to the mind as well. I am inviting you to experience body sugaring and body scrubbing techniques at my studio, in Wheeling.